Vance Trefethen

Research Camp, Team-Policy Debate, Author of Blue Book Cases

Vance TrefethenCoach Vance debated in National Forensic League debate while in high school from 1979-1982. In college, he judged at high school NFL tournaments in North Carolina. After college, he moved around the country for various jobs, including some time with the Defense Department in the Washington, D.C., area and several years at the headquarters of Wal-Mart in Arkansas.

After moving back to North Carolina, he once again got involved in debate by volunteering as an assistant coach for public school NFL debaters. A homeschooling dad himself, he realized the growing potential and benefit of homeschool debate and switched over to coaching homeschoolers a couple years later. In 2001, he helped Chris Jeub with bringing The Blue Book to a more advanced level. He has been co-authoring Blue Book ever since.

Currently Vance is working in Lille, France for an engineering software company. He and his wife, Bridget, homeschooled their two now-grown daughters, Charlotte and Rebecca, who live back in the States.

Published Works

Session Titles

  1. Cross-Ex Workshop
    Making the best strategic use of cross-examination to win rounds. Lecture follows with workshop cross-examining Coach Vance on one of his Blue Book cases.
  2. First Glance Refutation
    You’ll hear many cases for the first time in competition. Never be at a loss for what to say. What are the basic things you look for to attack?
  3. Advanced Refutation and Analysis Lab
    Thinking logically by solving logical problems, spotting logical weaknesses, and finding logical responses to evidence
  4. Disadvantages
    Structure and logical analysis of disadvantages; how to build them and how to demolish them.