James O’Keefe

James O’Keefe was keynote speaker for our 2014 For Action Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado. His work as an undercover “guerrilla” journalist as led to several breakthroughs in political and social movements. He inspired attendees to take wholesome action in the world. I am honored and proud to have participated in the For Action Conference […]

Michael Hyatt (2013)

Michael Hyatt is one of the most popular public speakers in the world. We are incredibly privileged to have him speak into the lives of the debaters at camp at Point Loma Nazarene University at our Training Minds Camp 2013. When it comes to training for competition, Training Minds encourages students to aim beyond the final […]

Andrew Pudewa (2013)

Training Minds is excited to host Andrew Pudewa as its Regent University keynote speaker. He has partnered with president Chris Jeub in his desire to spread the fire of speech and debate to educators throughout the homeschool community. He wrote the foreword to Jeub’s Guide to Speech and Debatewhere he reflected on his first experience with […]