Isaac Harris

Isaac Harris hails from the great state of Oregon in the Pacific Northwest. At age 15, he joined the local debate club and has loved every moment since. Competing in the NCFCA and Stoa leagues for the past four years, Isaac has had competitive success in both speech and debate. In speech, Isaac has taken […]

Sara Nimori

Sara competed in speech for the last three years, with an emphasis each year on a platform. Her accomplishments include winning 1st place in Original Oratory at NITOC 2011, as well as winning 1st place in persuasive this year twice in two consecutive regional tournaments—both in her native state of California. Her greatest joys in […]

Isaiah McPeak

Isaiah McPeak is an entrepreneur, professional presenter, and debate coach of ten years and going. He strongly believes that form (skill) and content (wisdom) are inseparable when teaching debate, challenging students to learn patterns of thought for wisdom in life. If there is no “real life” corollary to anything Isaiah says, challenge him for it […]