Oklahoma 2013 Camp

“Camp was great! From start to finish Coach Travis had an energetic feel about him that just made you want to learn and kept you focused. So much was covered in that short time, but he made sure everyone was on the same page and not confused before moving onto the next category. I obtained an unbelievable amount of knowledge! All-in-all, Coaches Travis and Jeub were awesome, and Training Minds’ camp was a huge success!” –Hunter Robinson

Training Minds Camp at Point Loma University

“This Training Minds Camp helped me understand how to debate even better, and how to think outside of the box. Go. To. This. Camp!” –Miliano Mikol, Texas

Advanced Lincoln-Douglas Camp

“This camp took advanced further than ever before. It went much deeper then the advanced course of previous debate camps. The end result was a camp like no other!” –Will Martin, Colorado