2009 Camps: Florida, New England, California.

Debate Camps
The academically rigorous activity of extemp and debate require personalized coaching…and a summer camp atmosphere sure helps. Campers in New England, California and Florida enjoyed rock climbing, ropes and zip line courses, water skiing, swimming, and much more. And they learned how to be champion debaters in the process!

I would never have been able to succeed like I’ve succeeded without Training Minds Ministries and their camps. I strongly encourage anyone, whether they are a complete novice or not, to attend at least once. You won’t regret it.

Jason Kosloski
2009 Region 3 Lincoln-Douglas Debate Champion

With the tools I’ve learned at Training Minds, I am very confident and cannot wait to see how this upcoming debate season unfolds.

Jacob Dean
Tallahassee, FL

Debate Camp helped me learn and understand many things and also I got to meet new friends and have a great time.

Grayson Logue
Tallahassee, FL

WOW!  I’m simply blown away by the breadth of knowledge and experience embodied in the coaches. This year (2009) was my first time attending a Training Minds Debate Camp. I have participated in everything from CFC to Summit and while I still hold worldviews as my greatest love at this time in my life, I learned far more practical communication skills from Training Minds than any other conference I have ever attended. I will definitely make every effort to come back next year. Definitely a life changing experience!

Timothy Pierce
Winter Springs, FL

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view…until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” from To Kill a Mockingbird    These words Atticus spoke to his daughter became ever real to me after my first parent/coach debate round!  It was an invaluable experience!

Rene Leetun
Weyers Cave, VA

Camp Fun

Camps have the unique opportunity to dice up the academics with fun, like swimming/skiing in Florida (left) and a ropes course in California (right).

The information I learned about the resolution and debate in general will help me in debate not only this year, but in many years to come. The instructors were so helpful and honestly cared about thier students. They sacrificed their free time to help us with cases or to answer questions. I walked away from this experience with nothing but positive thoughts, and hope to be able to attend next year.

Elizabeth Dews
Cashiers, NC

The Camp coaches really thought through ways to encourage both students and coaches.  Even though I have attended camp many times, I always come away with new insights on how to best train our Club back home.  Your passion for debate always helps to jumpstart our debaters for the new season.  Without camp, it would be very difficult for me as a coach to know how to best lead our Club.  Thank you for your continued encouragement.

Noelle Gebel
Columbia, SC

I would highly recommend this camp to any new LD student.  It was encouraging!  Thank you!

Jimmy Stanger
Tampa, FL

Camp was an experience I will never forget! The coaches’ feedback was a wonderful wealth of resources, and I now feel prepared to face this year’s competitive season. I would strongly recommend both the Extemp and the LD camp to anyone who wants to learn, and have a blast at the same time!

Ashlyn Olson
Mission Viejo, CA

I learned alot and had all my questions answered. All the coaches were extremely nice and always wanted to help. The camp was in a great location. I enjoyed every moment of the camp.

Michael Thompson
San Juan Capistrano, CA

Thanks Training Minds!  This was my second debate camp experience.  I enjoyed meeting so many people and working with an experienced debater like Andrew!

Lincoln Anderson
Salton City, CA

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