Colorado Lincoln-Douglas Camp

Colorado Camp

Registration Opens March 2014

Join us at the beautiful Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colorado, where debaters will meet for an awesome week of forensics training. Here are the details:

  • Camp: Lincoln-Douglas Camp, both novice and advanced tracks
  • Dates: July 27-30, 2014
  • 4 days of Lincoln-Douglas Debate
  • Stoa, NCFCA and NFL students are welcome

What You’ll Learn

IMG_5384Training Minds has consistently sent LD debaters to national tournaments and helped them win. Learn from their coaching staff how to take your LD debating to the next level.

You will learn champion strategies, some of which include:

  • How to change the focus of any debate round to your advantage
  • The best ways to construct and refute value arguments
  • How to use impacts to beat any application
  • How to make clear, persuasive warrants
  • Deliver cross-examinations that keep the round in your favor
  • Understand and perfect your unique style of persuasion
  • Apply classical rhetorical strategies to Lincoln-Douglas debate

This camp is only for Lincoln-Douglas debaters, the first of its kind. Those who want to end up an LD champion will likely launch from the Training Minds Lincoln-Douglas Debate Camp in Colorado. A limited number of seats are available. Register to secure your spot.

Where & When

CCU SignLocated minutes from Denver International Airport, Colorado Christian University is a most pleasant university campus. The facility is perfect for classroom instruction the breakout sessions or debates. Our goal is to make your stay as productive and enjoyable as possible.

Our host will be the Colorado Christian University Debate Team, coached by Dr. Chris Leland. Dr. Leland has enjoyed several years of championship success and currently has some of the nation’s top Lincoln-Douglas debaters in the collegiate circuit. Training Minds is honored to be hosted by such a top-calibre college.

The schedule for Training Minds Camp is intense, so come with computer/notepad ready to learn. There is some recreation fit into the schedule, but the schedule is geared primarily toward speech and debate competition.

Experienced Coaches

IMG_5378Training Minds Ministry has been around for over a dozen years, and we’ve pulled together some of the best coaches in the country. Visit our coaches page to explore their bios, expertise and history. You’ll be impressed!

May we show you a bit of our hand? There are some secrets to the success that makes Training Minds Camp a head above the rest. Consider:

  • We have an exclusive partnership with Monument Publishing, publisher of the best-selling curriculum for speech and debate.
  • We hire many of the authors of this curriculum, those who write the sourcebook material, and they’re ready and willing to make the best learning experience for you.
  • Bring your hometown coach with you, and they’ll get trained too! We hope entire clubs with their coaches come for a week of club development through Training Minds.
  • We don’t just lecture; we engage the students. We merge debate rounds into the week for students to be coached on the spot.
  • Our coaches remain advocates for your success throughout the year, willing to help as help may be given. We believe in you!

As you can see, Training Minds campers are personally coached for success.

Training for Action

IMG_6066We train for action (1 Peter 1:13). Though the program is easy to love, it is purpose-driven and aggressive. We are training you to excel in competition because we know that your excellence ultimately makes you trainers of the world. We’ve got high hopes for you!

The record of Training Minds speaks for itself. You can almost count on it: Our campers end up in tournament out-rounds. (Keep up to date with our Success Page.) We’ve hosted students from all over the country, and year after year they return home to shake up their tournaments and intensify the competition. We are quite proud of our alumni!

But Training Minds is out to make you better people. We strive to instill in every competitor a sense of purpose. You are a child of God who has a calling specifically for you. The competitive environment is training grounds for participation in a larger story. To us, this is most exciting, and we’re in this for your long-term success.


We’re super excited about our Colorado Lincoln-Douglas Debate Camp. With help from Colorado Christian University, we have been able to keep our stay on the beautiful campus to a minimum. Here’s a breakdown of costs…

  • Student Tuition: $300
    Includes tuition, lunch & dinner during camp.
  • Coach Tuition: $200
    Includes tuition, lunch & dinner during camp. Must be a non-competitor for the upcoming season and a high school graduate.
  • Training Minds Binder: $25
    All students and coaches will be charged for an individualized Training Minds Binder.
  • Room & Board: $100
    Includes apartment lodging, breakfasts during camp.

Registration Opens March 2014

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