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Taken at the 2017 Colorado Debate Camp.

Training Minds offers camps and conferences throughout the year for students and young adults. Our camps train students and coaches to effectively engage in the upcoming year of competition, and our conferences train larger groups to make an impact on the world. We will update this page as new events are announced, but you may always contact us with your questions.

Open Registrations

  • Colorado Debate Camp 2017 - Join us in Colorado where and debaters will meet for an awesome four days of debate training for NCFCA and Stoa debate.

Our Expected Yearly Calendar

The following events and registration open dates are scheduled. We work closely with Monument Publishing in releasing curriculum throughout the year.

  • Colorado Debate Camp 2018 – Policy, Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum, and Limited-Prep
  • NITOC Intensive Training Camp (Stoa) – Policy and Lincoln-Douglas national qualifiers (registration opens March 1)
  • NCFCA Intensive Training Camp – Policy and Lincoln-Douglas national qualifiers (registration opens March 1

Past Events

Training Minds has been hosting tournaments since 2001 when it incorporated in the state of Colorado. Its first camp took place in Colorado in 2004 when the organization became an official 501(c)3 nonprofit entity. Click through the following links for information and pictures of our past events.


Attendees cannot say enough about Training Minds Events! Check out the testimonials from students, coaches and parents from our events. Click the camp name for more testimonials.

  • Camp “Exceeded Expectations” - Future competitors in NSDA, NCFCA and Stoa leagues assembled at the beautiful Ponderosa Camp & Conference Center in Colorado to "train the mind for action" in academic debate. The consensus: our program "exceeded expectations." Check out the feedback (especially the last one!)...and the pictures shout out, "Come to Training Minds Camp in 2018!!!"
  • Texas Camp 2014 - "Training Minds Camp gave me the opportunity to begin a familiarity with what this year could look like according to the resolution. I am now able to “recognize” my case options and am excited to “observe” what ideas people will come up with for cases for electronic surveillance year!" –Austin Pistor, Texas
  • For Action Conference 2014 - "For Action was a convergence of ideas, new and old, anchored in Christ, yet void of religion. These ideas and experiences were delivered to the next and former generations with respect and candor. Each member of our team from Texas was challenged with timeless truths and new, innovative ideas. We feel we have been given permission to think "outside the box" while building on solid ground for those who follow." –Debi Chapman, Texas
  • Oklahoma 2013 Camp - "Camp was great! From start to finish Coach Travis had an energetic feel about him that just made you want to learn and kept you focused. So much was covered in that short time, but he made sure everyone was on the same page and not confused before moving onto the next category. I obtained an unbelievable amount of knowledge! All-in-all, Coaches Travis and Jeub were awesome, and Training Minds' camp was a huge success!" –Hunter Robinson
  • Training Minds Camp at Point Loma University - "This Training Minds Camp helped me understand how to debate even better, and how to think outside of the box. Go. To. This. Camp!" –Miliano Mikol, Texas
  • Advanced Lincoln-Douglas Camp - "This camp took advanced further than ever before. It went much deeper then the advanced course of previous debate camps. The end result was a camp like no other!" –Will Martin, Colorado
  • Regent University Training Minds Camp - "I learned a lot about critical thinking and analysis in both debate and speech categories. I feel better prepared for the coming debate season after attending Training Minds' speech and debate camp." –Ryan Matlock, Indiana
  • NCFCA NITC 2013 - "One thing I really enjoyed about NITC was the class discussion. Every region has its unique style of debating. I found it enjoyable and valuable to learn arguments, techniques, strategies etc. from out of region competitors. Having this knowledge prior to entering Nationals can be invaluable. Thanks for a great week!" –Myles McLean, Illinois
  • NITOC NITC 2013 - "Going into NITOC 2013, I was definitely nervous for the challenge ahead of me. But then I learned of NITC—the amazing coaching, feedback, and debate drills (including the wonderful atmosphere of it all) made me feel completely ready and equipped! Everyone at Training Minds is so nice and welcoming, and I can't wait to come back next year." –Taryn Murphy, California
  • Monumentum Debate Tournament - "The Monumentum tournament is a great way to get the debate season started. My students all benefited from being able to try out their cases and practice their debating early in the year." –Matthew Erickson, Coach
  • Orlando Debate Camp 2012 - "Awesome week! In the novice class I learned so much! Can't wait to go back next year as an advanced student. The coaches were perfect for the material covered, they each had a unique personality that complemented their skills. Beautiful facility, and awesome fellow campers. Can't wait for next fall!" –Brent Vastbinder, Florida
  • Colorado Speech & Debate Camp 2012 - "We had a great time and made lots of wonderful new friends. I love the idea of getting ready for tournament season so far in advance. Thanks so much for having the camp! Camp provides a great atmosphere for different leagues to be around each other, and for competitors to get to know one another in a more laid back atmosphere." –Reesey Rea, Colorado
  • NITC 2012 - "One of the most fruitful times I've had at NITC was getting to know the fellow competitors to be able to interact with them helped just as much as the very knowledgeable coaches. I believe that this camp prepared me to meet and surpass my goals. Not only do you learn to be a better communicator, but you get a head start on the rest of the individuals competing at NITOC to hone your skills right before the tournament." –Luke Hiura, California
  • Estes Park 2011 - "I had a great experience with Training Minds Camp. All the coaches helped me so much. I loved it, and I hope to come again." –Grant Garcia, California
  • NITC in San Diego - "NITC. Awesome. Recommended for all debaters." –Joshua Tey, California
  • Florida Debate Camp – Lake Swan, Fla. - "Debate Camp more than surpassed my expectations. I came in feeling overwhelmed about debate and went away feeling ready to help my children succeed. The coaches were wonderful and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about debating." –Jessica Aboujaoude, Florida
  • California Lincoln-Douglas Camp - "TMM's Debate camp is the best source of intensive, concentrated debate theory I have experienced. It always opens up new ideas, refreshes my outlook on debate and takes the resolution to a whole new level of depth." –Patrick Ortiz, California
  • Colorado Camp 2010 - "Training Minds Ministry Camp has effectively equipped me to transition from Team Policy into Lincoln Douglas debate. If you're considering switching from one type of debate to another, Training Minds can help you learn the differences between them, and excel in your new form. I now feel confident in my ability to understand and put in to practice what was taught by their excellent teachers, and I am excited to do my best to succeed in this new season." –Matthew Mittelberg, Colorado
  • NITC – Virginia Beach (NCFCA) - "NITC gave me the information that I was looking for. Going through applications and drills really increased my confidence and mad me feel more prepared to field whatever was thrown at me. The coaching during NITC and Nationals was so helpful- i.e. Travis showed me a new way to look at and execute rebuttals and I didn't give a single rebuttal throughout Nationals that went without compliment! I may not have broken, but attending NITC made me comfortable and confident in my performance." –Rachel Seay, Colorado
  • NITC – San Diego (Stoa) - "Attending NITC was a great experience in my nationals preparation. The coaches were encouraging and very helpful, with lots of advice and feedback. Working, prepping, (and debating!) with friends was a highlight of NITC. This was a wonderful help to me, and I would recommend it!" –Elena Trueba, California
  • Colorado Conference 2009 - "When I came to the debate conference, I believed that with a few years of experience under my belt, I wouldn't have much to learn. But I was in for a surprise! Every lecture was full of valuable information that will aid me in becoming a better debator. Thanks Training Minds!" –Ashley Vaughan, Colorado
  • 2009 Camps: Florida, New England, California. - "I would highly recommend this camp to any new LD student. It was encouraging! Thank you!" –Jimmy Stanger, Florida
  • NITC-2009 Greenville, S.C. - "Being at NITC in the days prior to the National Championship gave me the preparation and that last edge needed to be a national contender. Thank you so much for this experience!" –Landon Webber, Louisiana
  • Blue Book Camp (Team Policy) 2008 - "Attending Training Minds debate camp enabled my brother and me to make it to the regional tournament. This summer is the third time I have been to camp, and each time I have learned new skills and had a great time. If you want to go far, go to the Training Minds debate camp." –Montana Krueger, Ohio
  • Red Book Camp (Lincoln Douglas) 2008 - "Red Book camp was an amazing experience! I learned so much that I know will help me during the debate season. Mrs. Anderson and Coach Cody are great coaches and I enjoyed listening to their helpful lectures. I was very grateful I had the opportunity to attend Red Book camp because all of the knowledge that I gained will help me throughout the year as well as in my everyday life. Plus, I made great friends! I will definately be coming back next year!" –Ashlyn Olson, California
  • Gold Book Camp (Extemp) 2008 - "I just wanted to thank you so much for everything that you did to make extemp and debate camp happen this year. I had an absolute blast at extemp camp and I hope that you are going to continue to have those every year. The entire experience of debate camp just seems to get better and better each time I come and I look forward to having many more great experiences there over the next couple of years. Again I just want to thank for all the time and effort that you have put in to making all of this come together." –Shane Baumgardner, Colorado
  • 2007 Debate Camp Testimonials - "This year was my first time to attend Blue Book camp in Texas, and what an experience it was! My attendance helped me in several ways. First of all, it completely immersed me into the topic for the year. I learned so much about the ins and outs of our immigration policy, and got some really good information that made things clearer and easier to understand. Also, the practice rounds were very helpful, especially being able to watch the flowsheet and see how my arguments were coming across to a judge--plus being reminded when I failed to signpost or follow the flow in an organized way. My flowing skills got much better over the course of camp as well, which is always great! Thank you for a great camp experience!" –Toni Maisano, Texas
  • 2006 Debate Camp Testimonials - "Last summer I went to debate camp with my son and a friends daughter; we knew nothing about debate. My son qualified for regionals, something I thought wouldn't happen as we took in the scope of skills being taught and displayed by the other students. We are so excited about what we learned and the value of it that we're having a camp in our area this summer! We think going to camp sets a person on a track to grasp what it's all about and to succeed. It's well worth doing!" –Carla Deems, Oregon
  • Debate Camp 2005 Testimonials - "Debate Camp is an extraordinary opportunity. When do you ever have your students completely engaged in debate theory, the topic and surrounded by experienced coaches for five days? As a Coach I highly recommend Training Minds Debate Camp." –Maggie Carabellos, Colorado


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